Procedures for publishing Rivet analyses

As Rivet analyses will be published for the ALICE collaboration, they will have to undergo approval. The exact rules will still have to be defined, here we outline what we have in mind:


All analyses contributed to Rivet must be shown to actually work by comparing to a (sufficiently large) Monte Carlo sample - this is also required by the Rivet author. For ALICE, we have to distinguish the cases of

  • new analysis
    • Rivet validation/approval can happen together with paper approval
  • already published analysis:
    • need to ensure to reproduce MC comparisons from published paper
    • separate validation/approval of Rivet analysis (t.b.d., could be by PB/PF)

Submission of analysis

The contributions to Rivet from the LHC experiments are organized through contact persons. For ALICE this is channeled through PAG-MC, i.e. after approval the analysis will be submitted centrally to the Rivet repository.

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