Advanced topics (installations)

Installing Rivet locally

If beyond CVMFS deployment (lxplus, Grid nodes), you wish to have your own environment lcoally, note that Rivet can be installed using aliBuild (analogous to AliPhysics). It can be done :

  1. in your local computer natively (beware the difficulties associated with software dependencies...)
  2. under alidock (a priori, smoother, but note the potential LaTeX dependencies of Rivet (See alidock/issue-145 to have custom docker image).

Assuming you have followed the instructions to install AliPhysics in a repository ~/alice, you can run:

cd ~/alice
aliBuild build Rivet

This will build and install Rivet as well as its dependencies (2019/10/18):

  1. Python-modules
  2. boost
  3. GMP
  4. CMake
  5. GSL
  6. YODA, histogramming
  7. MPFR
  8. HepMC, output format for generators, input for Rivet analysis
  9. cgal
  10. fastjet
  11. Rivet

Subsequently, you can setup the environment to use Rivet by:

alienv enter Rivet/latest-ali-master

Then, you can use Rivet in the same way as explained above for the installation from cvmfs.

Installing MC generators locally

Note however that the above instructions just provide you with Rivet and Yoda basically but do not include the various generators themselves...

Under CVMFS, you will typically find generators that are centrally installed :

  1. AMPT,
  2. CRMC (= EPOS-LHC, 2012),
  3. DPMJET,
  4. EPOS-3.111 (2015),
  5. FONLL,
  6. Herwig-7,
  8. JEWEL-2,
  9. POWHEG,
  10. (Rivet-3.x),
  11. SHERPA-2,
  12. Therminator2,
  13. (aligenmc),
  14. PYTHIA-6.4,
  15. PYTHIA-8.2

and several utilities coming along (Sacrifice for Pythia, ThePEG for Herwig, Agile for fortran MC, LHAPDF sets, ...).

The version of the generators as well as their dependencies naturally evolve with time and should normally be managed accordingly in ALICE.

Such MC generators available in ALICE are encompassed into the bundle AliGenerators. One can find its constituents under, take for instance AliGenerators::v20190924-1.

Such a bundle can also be built locally with aliBuild and is managed via the recipealidist/ and alidist/ Such a meta-recipe relies on the recipes of the individual generators alidist/[].

cd ~/alice
aliBuild build AliGenerators --debug --defaults generators -j 6

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