📦 Use the precompiled binaries

You can run our precompiled binaries from CVMFS by simply logging to lxplus or lxplus7:

ssh <youruser>@lxplus.cern.ch
ssh <youruser>@lxplus7.cern.ch  # required for O2

If you are an ALICE user, you are welcomed with a message telling you exactly what to do. To load a specific analysis tag of AliPhysics you can do:

/cvmfs/alice.cern.ch/bin/alienv enter AliPhysics/vAN-20181121_ROOT6-1

You can list all the available versions with (very slow 🐌):

/cvmfs/alice.cern.ch/bin/alienv q

or you can simply consult the list of Grid packages here.

O2 is available on the "nightlies" repository of ALICE. You can use it only from lxplus7.cern.ch: it will not work on SLC6. List the packages:

/cvmfs/alice-nightlies.cern.ch/bin/alienv q

Load a specific version:

/cvmfs/alice-nightlies.cern.ch/bin/alienv enter O2/nightly-20181121-1

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