Welcome to the ALICE Analysis Tutorial documentation

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This is a community-contributed place where we collect all our documentation. Every ALICE member can contribute, and the Analysis Tutorial Committee will review every contribution.

Where can I see the documentation online?

Documentation is published on GitHub pages at the following address:


How can I contribute to the documentation?

First off you need a GitHub account. Fork the alice-doc/alice-analysis-tutorial repository, then clone it to your laptop:

git clone https://github.com/<your-github-username>/alice-analysis-tutorial
cd alice-analysis-tutorial/
git remote add upstream https://github.com/alice-doc/alice-analysis-tutorial

Documentation is written in Markdown and it is generated using GitBook. You need to install GitBook first. GitBook is a NodeJS package, meaning that you need npm to install it. You can get npm easily.

On Ubuntu:

sudo apt install npm

On macOS (assuming you have Homebrew):

brew install npm

On CentOS 7 (you need EPEL enabled):

sudo yum install npm

Once npm is installed, you can install GitBook:

sudo npm install -g gitbook-cli@2.3.0

Do not use sudo on macOS.

Once GitBook is installed, you should find it in your $PATH, check it with:

type gitbook

To preview the documentation pages locally while you are editing them, move to the repository's root directory and run:

cd alice-analysis-tutorial/
make serve

The command will not exit and a local website will be visible at the following address:


The website uses GitBook. Editing the pages using your favorite text editor: whenever you save, the page currently opened in your local preview will be refreshed automatically.

When you are happy with your modifications, commit them, push them to your repository and open a pull request, for instance:

git commit -a -m 'I am happy with my doc'
git push origin

then navigate to your GitHub repository online to open a pull request.

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